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 Mango is an advertising agency that creates, plans and executes strategies with both radio and digital media - the future of advertising. We tell stories to sell products and services and use educational marketing to position you head and shoulders above your competition. 

The Shy Sales Guy

 The Shy Sales Guy is a book based on almost 40 years of sales experience and is contrarian in nature and believes that the best salespeople are shy. It covers the 6 steps in the sales process and the reason why most salespeople fail. 

Sales and Customer Service Seminars

 If you are looking for an inspirational seminar on sales for your company or organization, the Shy Sales Guy is available from one hour, to a full day, to full time consulting. We can kick off an annual conference with style. 



The Shy Sales Guy

Featured Services

Small Business Marketing Plan

Includes a marketing plan, creative direction, digital media, traditional media, sales and customer service

One Time Campaigns

Does your business need a boost in a specific time of the year? We create short term advertising strategies  

Sales and Customer Service Seminars

Do you want to energize your sales team for a one hour kick off to an event or a full day interactive program? 


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